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Taxation services

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Bariono Wealth Advisors Ltd

Taxation services

Bariono Wealth Advisors provides a full spectrum of tax services. We assist our clients both at a corporate and an individual level in addressing complex taxation needs in the fields listed below:

  • Cyprus Double Tax Treaties
  • Corporate Tax Residency in Cyprus
  • Cyprus Tax and VAT Planning
  • International Tax Planning
  • The Taxation of Intellectual Property
  • Cyprus Tonnage Tax

We provide comprehensive solutions and tailor-made advice to assist you in meeting your tax and statutory responsibilities and to help you benefit from existing legislation.

The services we provide at corporate level are:

  • Preparation of tax provisions for financial statements
  • Review and advice on Company’s tax position
  • Assistance in filling and submitting the Company’s tax returns
  • Advice on the timing and amount of your tax payments
  • Cooperation with Cyprus Tax Authorities in any issues / disputes may arise
  • Requesting on your client’s behalf advance tax rulings with the Cyprus Tax Authorities
  • Obtain Cyprus Tax certificate upon client’s request
  • Ensure your Company is fully compliant with tax regulations and deadlines

The services we provide at individual level are:

  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Advice on Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax
  • Cooperation with Inland Revenue for any issues may arise

Information on the deadlines and amounts involved for your tax payments